Welcome To Jayhind Foundry

Jayhind foundry group is one of the the leading manufacture of cast iron graded & S.G iron casting since 1991.We have machine molding facility as well as hand molding casting.Capacity of producing range of casting from 0.500 kg to 100 kg.Producing 1500 MT casting per month.

“Our vision is to create benchmark manufacturing company for foundry industry to produce qualitative casting to satisfied customer through continuous improvement, adopt new technology, team work and creative use of human resource.

Facility Provided to Customers :
  • 1. Provide quality & quantity casting in time.
  • 2. As per drawing we develop pattern for the party.
  • 3. Provide services like emery, cheeping, grinding, sort-blasting, Red oxide ( if party require)
  • 4. Provide machined casting through vendor development.
  • 5. provide test certificate to customer for grade and mechanical composition of graph, tensile, micro testing etc
  • 6. Provide facility of third-party inspection.
  • 7. Quick problem solving
  • 8. We provide stock facility to customer
Our Customers